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                About DEREN
                DEREN Electronics was established in 1992 and mainly focus on the market for connectors & precision components that for Home Appliance, Consumer and Automotive Electronics, and Telematics Technology. DEREN was successfully listed on the Shenzhen Stock market in 2006. DEREN own group holding companies, Sino-foreign joint venture, overseas joint venture, overseas trading companies, and overseas sales and service branches.
                • 球探比分网跻身2019年中国电子元件百强排行榜第21名球探比分网跻身2019年中国电子元件百强排行榜第21名。 more+
                • Chairman Qiu Jianmin Was Invited to Attend the Research Symposium of Mayor Chen RuguiIn the afternoon of April 1st, 2019, Mr. Qiu Jianmin, Chairman of DEREN, was invited to attend the symposium for private enterprises in Shenzhen hosted by Mayor Chen Rugui. more+
                • Li Lihua, the Chief Procurator of Guangming District People's Procuratorate, Visited DEREN Electronics to Carry out "Prosecutors into Enterprises" Eventon Mar. 22, 2019, Li Lihua, the chief procurator of Shenzhen Guangming District People's Procuratorate, visited DEREN Electronics to carry out "Prosecutors into Enterprises" event. more+
                • Liu Xuepu, the Deputy Director of Chongqing Municipal Standing Committee of the National People' s Congress and the Deputy Secretary of Leading Party Group, Accompanied by other people, Visited DEREN Electronics Chongqing Industrial Park for InvestigationOn Mar. 20, 2019, Liu Xuepu, the deputy director of Chongqing Municipal Standing Committee of the National People' s Congress and the deputy secretary of Leading Party Group, visited DEREN Electronics Chongqing Industrial Park for investigation. more+